9/12/17 What are Skipper’s Logs? Post Race Summaries written by our Skipper, Arne.

Post Race Summaries written by our Skipper, Arne.

Our dock time is usually 5:30 pm on Wednesday nights for the Beer Can Races. Weekend dock times vary by race start time and the distance to the start line. We all meet at the dock, prepare for the race, compete in the race and then on the way back to the dock we tidy up and get things ready to dock the boat.

Traditionally, on Wednesday nights, Arne brings the entire crew tuna fish subs and we eat together when we return to the dock. During our dinner, we discuss the evening’s event. That wraps up after about 30 minutes and then the crew packs up and heads home.

Arne, however, stays up late finishing his sandwich and composing an email to his crew summarizing the evenings conditions, our performance and updating us for the week ahead. And so from these, we bring to you the Skipper’s Logs.