5/27/18 MORF Performance Series No. 2

Mazal Tov completed her first weekend race yesterday, the MORF Performance Series, No. 2, which was a trapezoidal course with an additional W/L loop thrown in. We raced with a crew of 4 which is low for a race of this type; however, the winds were light and the crew were able to carry out the frequent sail changes (setting and dousing the spinnaker and jib, gybing the spinnaker, etc.) mostly without a hitch. All agreed that having one more crew member would have made things easier.  Just before the start I noticed that one of the mainsail battens was starting to come out of its pocket so we lowered the sail to fix this, but even after we put it back in, it still started to come out so we took the batten out altogether.  Fortunately, the sail still had a pretty good shape.  Sailing conditions were great and we were typically making 5-6 knots on both up and down wind legs.  We did lose situational awareness at one point and overshot the next to last leeward mark.  This cost us a good 10 minutes as we got the spinnaker down and sailed back to the mark in order to round it on the right side, but all-in-all it was a good start to the season.  Race results are given below.


5.26.18 MORF Perf Series 2


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