10/3/17 Wintering Mazal Tov

The Move to Skyway Yacht Works

Thanks to everyone who helped move Mazal Tov to Skyway Yacht Works.  I’m glad to say the trip was uneventful: the Yanmar ran like a champ and the weather was pleasant enough even if the waves were a bit choppy. We missed the first entrance to the Calumet Harbor (about 9 nm south of Burnham Harbor), entered the main entrance instead, and  got in line behind a tug pushing a barge before going under several rusty bridges in the Calumet River and had to wait for some until they opened (the tug-barge didn’t need some of the bridges to be raised).  Skyway had cleared a space along their dock for Mazal Tov so docking was easy.  We left some cushions and sails in the cockpit that Skyway has moved inside and that I’ll pick up next time I go there.    The whole expedition took about three hours. After we got back to Burnham, I was able to load everything still at the slip into the truck and take it home so that’s it for sailing this season.   Several of the crew took pictures. If you have some good ones I’d like a copy.  Sailing in the Windy City is definitely a bit different than on the Chesapeake.

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