9/3/17 Last Beer-Can Race of the Season


Didn’t Hurt Anything But My Pride

The Forecast was for light easterly winds and was right on target. Although there was some wind at the dock, we saw mostly 2-5 kts out on the race course.  The RC proposed  waiting for more wind to develop but with the limited daylight there was not much support for that. Even with the light wind we were able to hold a course for our first mark (2) and saw up to 4.25 kts of boat speed. So maybe the wind was a little south of east (the course was 3). We then did a starboard spinnaker set and stayed on starboard tack for about 3/4 nm moving well to the north of the next mark (8) before gybing over to port tack. We stayed on port tack making 1-3 kts until about a 0.4 nm from Mark 8 when we were delighted to hear that the course was shortened to Mark 8.  We gybed back to starboard and set a course for the finish line. Unfortunately, I got confused and passed the finish mark on the wrong side. After we realized the error (with a little help from the CB), we had to get the spinnaker down, turn around, and sail back under main alone to the finish line and pass the mark on the correct side. This cost us about ten minutes, but as there was no one else in our class it didn’t hurt anything but my pride. The waves were small so we were able to keep sailing albeit slowly in the light wind.  Elapsed time for the shortened to 2.5 nm course was 1:27:03.

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