7/23/17 Eight Gybes

Installing the Dutchman

Installing the Dutchman.

That’s the Skipper, Arne, installing the Dutchman on top of the mast.  Dave and Billie hoisted him up and did our best to keep him aloft.

There was just enough wind on Sunday for a good spinnaker handling session including about 8 gybes with Igor helming while I stayed out of the way, so I think we are ready.

The Beer Can races resume this week, Dock Time 5:30 PM.

We have the 3 Crib Fiasco race this Sunday. It’s organized by the Columbia YC and hosted by Skyway Yacht Works. It’s a pursuit race so boats will have different starting times according to their rating. There may be some other novel features as well, and there is a post-race regatta party at the Columbia YC. Dock time is 9:00 AM.

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